Wednesday, 4 June 2008

@answerme vs. twitter, day of a blondie

Just read about @anserme but I think I am not using it right. Seems to be described as a useful tool, but for me it's a bit too much. Oh, well, Twitter does move towards a leading scape, so who knows...
I searched for 'blog' and came up with this:Third question had only 3 answers, so I guess it needs to kick-off more.
In the meantime the well established Flickr before I even managed to upload my new pix greeted me with a language lesson, which I have not noticed before (I do tent to focus only on what I NEED! and I AM blond)
Maybe it's a bit childish, but I do like those ideas. So... I know how to greet people in Korean, but how do I say 'nightnight'?:)

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