Tuesday, 3 June 2008

newcomers, Charlie and Antoine

Charlie joined our lovely household few weeks ago, but I had no time to mention him yet.

Voila! Lovely retro record player. I do not have a tv and I do not want to have it, as long as Dawid does not need social recognition at school - I want to enjoy the silence! I need the news though, so Charlie is my best friend in the morning and in the evening my drinking pal:) (do you remember the radio listening in the evenings? we used to do that with my parents, ah, I miss it).
Second newcomer is Antoine, my new digital camera - very basic one, but 12 MB, Kodak baby. I am just starting to play with it and the weather is crap, so I will upload just photos of the device here.

As you can see it is quite slim, it is extremely light and has its own battery (no need to carry million rechargeable ones! which is something I like Kodak for). It's fully functional as a digicam, with HD video included. Another, maybe minor, still crucial thing - comes in a box with all possible cables, European and UK chargers, and all USB cables one can imagine!
It's the type of camera you can just buy on a way to the airport (in the UK half prize at the moment!) and use it as you take it out of the box.
For me perfect for the back-up camera or one to take to work (I do not feel like carrying Nikon DX40 in a bad with secondary lenses etc all the time).
All I need is a proper tripod now, well I might bing mien from Hungary this summer anyway. The rest is sorted, I think:)

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