Sunday, 22 June 2008

charming morning

My usually peaceful, charming morning in London was almost completely destroyed by stupidity and genuine anger of the girl from my favorite bar in Nothing Hill...
With perspective of a long day in London (my son is off to Plymouth for a few days to see his granny) I decided to kick-off the day with few coffees. Started with Starbucks - only place opened before 10AM! Shocking...
Managed to read a bit.
Moved on to walk around the Gothic church and stumbled upon a lovely, tiny park hidden behind it, where I could sit down in the sunshine and write my heart out in Hungarian, language which somehow due to its structure and sensuality helps me to deal with my emotions.
Satsfied went over to my favorite bar to post it and have another coffee - the very needed second kick..entered, ordered cappuccino, sat down next to the plug,  made myself comfortable and as I received my coffee I  got almost shouted at for using electricity.
Tell you what - I did  use my laptop there once already, so I was shocked but this girl seems to be the owner's kid, so who knows what's the problem...anyway I was more than upset to see here standing above me with a stiff face asking me to switch IT off at once'. I think the fact I needed to shot the laptop down before unplugging it made her even more angry, but for heaven's sake - how am I supposed to know she has her period, hates working on Sunday morning and the place has high electricity bills (only few reasons I could come up with to justify her behavior). Few months ago I would apologize, pay and leave. Today I could calmly explain what I am doing, that I will not pay for the coffee and that she just lost a customer, and leave without saying goodbye to show how unfair she was.
How much of the message did she get I have no idea, but she was lucky I DECIDED to have a nice morning:) She almost made me feel stupid though.

Learnings: always ASK if you can use a laptop. Always stay calm when talking to working people on Sunday morning. And always explain your point of view RATIONALLY to psychotic women:P You will have a chance to leave without Police being called  (based on the level of her anger I think she was at the verge of calling them!)
Oh well, I will have a nicer day then her - I decided;)

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