Saturday, 8 March 2008

talking about Poland

I met two Polish boys (via Freecycle by the way). One of them works in Wantage for Autotype on new film technologies. I learned something new about Nokia phones and their screens;) I also learned that one of the first photo films was developed by them, in Wantage!
I have met a guy with a half-Polish daughter and a very shy girlfriend. Must be shy, because when I invited him over with his pair the answer was 'Will you not eat her?' (I have the impression he thinks I'm a feminist, well there isn't much difference in my case between feminism and realism, I'm affraid :P).
Still, this statement reminded me of girl I looked up to in Budapest and made me feel good, after all the shit that has happened to me and around me.

Nice weekend and nice evening too...

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