Thursday, 13 March 2008

It's good, it's all good...

It's so good to spend most of the day away from my laptop! We forget the old ways, really. I had to be forced to spend most of my morning in the toilet, and rest of it in bed or just hanging around the flat to realize that there is a pile of traditional letters to be written on my new, very well equipped desk, and there are two unanswered ones since more than a month! Truth, writing a letter on paper with ink (don't think I am a traditional freak, I use normal Parker pen) takes time and - sounds silly - but does require more exercise from your hand. I personally put all my soul into th letters I write - I never know what to start with, but once I do (and the received letters help) I cannot stop.
My aunt told me once that my letter are like having a conversation with her, and that is exactly what I am aiming for! Someone else said I made him feel special with my words.
Because of those people, and those very few who still write to me, I will continue, and I might write les son my blogs, but well, something for something.

Although others, who make money of writing, have different opinions:
'In a blog, everything is really mine. In print, I have to assign copyright to the journal. It's theirs. In a blog, I write, I post and *click!*, it’s up. In print, it typically takes months to make it through the peer reviewers and, if I’m lucky enough to get accepted, additional months before it’s published and mailed bulk rate. It’s not very satisfying to the writer and the topic can quickly turn obsolete.'

'I have to say that producing a book - I have four under my belt if you count my dissertation - is a draining, soul-sapping catharsis. Part of the strain is working for a long time and not knowing if any of it will be worth it. Blogging is almost the polar opposite: almost everything you write is read and used by someone. [..]A blog never stops. The deadline is always with you. Yes, even on a Sunday evening.'

'Though I rarely write letters these days, Mr H has heard me say that I would like to reclaim that form of communication.'  (check the blogging awards she received!:))

and something I completely agree with:
'letters sent through the mail, whether hand-written or typewritten, reflect a thoughtful process of action that e-mails - by their absolute ease of creation - do not represent.'

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