Sunday, 16 March 2008

surprise, surprise!

In my new flat there was only one place I have not checked yet, nor cleaned - partially because of lack of interest, partially because of the fact that someone else was always doing the cooking in my flat - I just started doing it few days ago - and this placed is called an oven.
This is what I have found there today:
Still don't get it? Let me help you: I wrote about it already, people usually do NOT put it in the over, they use a toaster...unless, they look for a great subject of a great industrial photo. Than yes, they do, and they leave it there for a few... what? hours? days? Hell knows how long you need to keep a toast int he oven to make it look like this?!:

It might be one of my best industrial pix of this year, though:)

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Jack said...

Stick some jam on that and I'll have a go on it! :-)

GabK said...

I am sorry, I got rid of time, I plan to burn things in my over for the sake of industrial photography;)

Anonymous said...

you need to learn to take photos first.

GabK said...

Dear anonymous, thank you for your honest opinion, I really appreciate that you made the effort to leave a comment! Thx!