Tuesday, 4 March 2008


..sounds very innocent, but in reality it happens to be one of the longest names of towns in the world, located quite close - in Wales.

Preparing for my exhibition (since I am pressured to fill out the list of my works I decided to name them with difficult or funny names of UK villages) I have found the longest domain - of the town mentioned above, and once being there I have used the automated service of sending an e-mail to a friend.
When he started accusing me of sexual harrasment I asked him for the text of the message - se be aware when you use it!
' Subject: It's me, sending this from the World's Longest Single Word
Domain Name! - Your Own Copy To Keep


PS. Why not run away with me, I've seen some beautiful holiday
properties listed on


I sent this email from
, the world's longest domain name, why don't you have a go!'

Not good, not good...

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