Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Poles again

Polish soldiers charged for murder. Complete nonsense! Not only that they volunteer to kill, get paid for it, also attack innocent people. 'The prosecutor said they violated international law when they opened fire on the village. Women and children were among the dead.' I am ashamed to be a Pole, to be a human, whenever I read this. A village. My parents live in a peaceful village as well. Luckily, they live on the right side of this 'front line'. Luckily...
Maybe some feel powerful to attack, and others just to step back and watch others suffer. Please, dear readers, forgive me, but I WILL ASK WHY quite often here (that is why I rewrite those news, I guess), why does one decide to work with the mentally ill if there is no positive incentive behind their deeds...if there is pure, cruel passiveness?! '
A 7-year-old girl with fluid in her brain left untreated “because she will die anyway.' She has been in this world only for 7 years. 7 years is nothing in a child's life, still the most wonderful, innocent time of our lives. Do you remember being 7? I do. I was moving a lot, so I remember being 7, I was just making friends with Anna, steeling plums from my neighbor's fruit tree and just beginning to disbelief the Catholic preachers...I was free, unbearable, funny and hyperactive. I was spending all my day with friends from school and in the garden, learning the nature...bringing first cherries home and asking mom what should I do with them. That's how I learned to cook my first dish ('pierogi' with cherries), and got praised for it by the whole family...nothing was never left untreated. 

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