Tuesday, 20 November 2007

news, rewritten?

Her name is Monika. She is 25. She always prayed for a baby, someone little and innocent to care for, to love, to show the world to. She trusted England will be more developed than Poland, so she would brign her baby into this world here.
His name is Marcin. He gave her second chance and he di give her miracle. She was 9 months pregnant last week.
She went to the hospital on Thursday. Her waters broke. The doctors in London decided to send her back home. The contractions happened every 3 minutes, but 'she was not opened enough yet'. They told her to wait. She went back on Friday. They convinced her to deliver in a natural way.
Marcin begged, shouted, offered to bribe them for a quick delivery. They told him the policy in England is to try to give a natural birth.
She cried. She suffered. She was scared. She begged too, to cut her open.
They refused.
For 4 days...Baby was born naturally (more than 4 kg! healthy baby), but had no air...for long. Long enough for its brain to stop working.
She is half open. She got a full blood transfusion yesterday. She is on drugs. She doesn't realize.
He is strong for her. He doesn't want to think.
They both have friends.
My friends.
(My eyes are burning, no more tears left)

But no worries. The baby is in the best clinic now. They were freezing and defrosting its brain - the newest technology.

Oh, it's a boy.

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