Thursday, 15 November 2007

Chosen, not

'Russian doomsday sect threatens mass suicide' Yes, they believe the world comes to an end (see: Matchbox 20 in next post) but what right do we have to intervene in their believes? One might ask, still - I have believed in one of the highest virtues (love?) and got mistreated, and swear the God (not a Catholic anymore, so swearing is not a sin ha!) I would love anyone could have intervened...those who knew the truth already! And I am upset they didn't! I know the world will last longer than until May 2008, well I hope so, because that is the month of my next exhibition...and I cannot believe someone can be foolish enough to let one charismatic personality to lead them to death!
How strong is the faith and how important for the church is it? Should a nun stay a cleaner (read the article carefully!: 'three nuns working in a community near Rome decided they had been pushed too far when the local bishop demanded they double up as personal cleaners for two ageing priests' - why doubled? why should they stop supporting youngsters, leave their already important duties?) I think we are not talking about the pride here, not theirs at least....That is one of the reasons why I left the Catholic church, I am afraid.

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