Monday, 19 November 2007

Heresy for my own kind

Guards shot children dead after Afghan suicide blast, says UN - how do you read it? GUARD SHOT DEAD CHILDREN ....SUICIDE..I will be honest I cannot, I am not even able to open the link...I am disgusted with human race, my own, specialists of this language, please help me - is there a word for this as well. If we have words for such cruelties, simple but horrific we have a word for hate for your own I a human racist? Am I a heretic.

In those moments I do forget I am a mother and I feed on Fry's vision: 'imagine malicious code written by cunning, ruthless criminals from, oh, Russia let's say, that could turn your computer into a slave machine, a zombie PC that can connect with other zombie PCs to create a whole network of robot computers that would grow almost exponentially in power and bandwidth. Such a robot network, or "botnet", would soon overtake all the supercomputers on earth in might and reach.'

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