Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Last thoughs

...before Christmas. Evaluation of this years achievements, failures, mistakes and conscious developments....I am better off than last year ...still in minus though.
(Today my motivation was seriously undermined, my self-motivation, let me ad..ah, what a waist of time!)
Can we please start appreciating, not only attacking and blaming, and teaching how to be better!?
If we could all see how short live is..maybe...

I will be 30 in two weeks. I am about halfway there, so I think I start to be more careful when it comes to my private time management.

As someone said - life is art, art is life. Not all art is creative, not all creative is art, I am afraid.

I am still in the right team though and yes, I will walk through the circles of el infierno, but I am willing to burn if that's the price to pay for having feelings and for thinking clearly, representing the truth.

Fuck the rest.

Oh, and yes, Merry Christmas to all! Specially you!;)

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