Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Privacy on-line or tweets on the bus

The more I read about ethics and on-line privacy (the two often come together) I contemplate my own openness. See the example above - just to scan my own content I have tweetbeep and google alert set up for my name. This is what I have received today:) Funnily enough I am happy to see it up somewhere where I have not expected it, simply because I am a fan of postmodern and I like to see the game of sudden and unplanned together with my own experience in it. I remember that morning - after my first coffee, with a book in my hand, just left my son at the nursery which he loves...relived that he is in good hands and I can relax one more hour before I go to work.
I lost this moment among all my tweets, now it's back:) 'Tweets on the bus' is a cool site, as opposed to Twenis and the like (of which I am unsure when it comes to ethics, I guess it's quite subjective).
I wish someone could come up with a similiar blog collecting all tweets containing the word 'coffee'. Judging from my Twittercloud, I would be able to include more links;)

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