Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Apologies to the Girl! (TweetStats)

I would like to apologize (even though it's extremely late!) to the Girl for not responding to her @-tweet! I translated her interview in Hungarian once and posted it as a comment on her blog (very good interview btw) and now - thanks to results on TweetStats - I can see she messaged me on Twitter and I have ignored her. I do not ignore people normally, but it's difficult to follow all the tweets if we need to work sometime too:) So I am double-happy that I have found this tool tonight.
I also noticed I use Twitter more nowadays - see above. It's probably due to the fact that I use it for communication more now, than I used to. I used to use Twitter for tips and news on social media or info about my friends. I am more active now, simply because it saves me time. I also got into the habit of updating all my friends with the news earliy int he morning, before I start work or while my Outlook is opening (my dear Vista makes me wait for it aprox. 15 min, grrr...)
Yes, I do like TweetStats, even though I am a linguist - I hate numbers and I hate stats...usually;)

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