Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Google+Simon Says=Chromon, celebrating 10th Birthday

I know, Google celebrated last weekend, but I have one bad characteristic - I do not like to post when it's expected, I prefer to do it when I feel like. I have quiet days, and active day. Guess which one it is today?:)

'Google' came into the system of basic metaphors of our language and dictionary now, and it's hard to believe that this baby is 'only' 10 years old. I use the calendar, gmail, google image search, orkut (well, not much so), Picassa, Google Earth, I try to use Google labs gradually. I count on Google Alerts. YouTube is on my daily list. Google Maps is where I always go if I look for geographic location of new places. Now I am moving on to Google Books (The Tale of Genji - first novel ever- is there too - what a bizarre feeling:)) and cannot express my graditude to for making a deal with Google so I can use gmail on my old e-mail account!
And hey, I still blog on Blogger, hehe...

I think Google holiday logo's are pieces of art. Hey, Google team, how about exhibiting them?;)

(Dilbert Google Doodle - May 20, 2002)(Google celebrates Vincent van Gogh's Birthday - March 30, 2005)

Check them out here.

So, to celebrate, let's play:) Remember Simon says? What do you think of this version?

hosted by Roman Cortes

Source here.
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