Tuesday, 22 July 2008

just give me a smile

I always used to do that - count daily amount of smiles random people would share with me. There is something magical in that facial expression which originally happened to be a warning sign! How bizarre. As a little girl I would have this thought at the back of my head and wait for the first person - complete strangers or friends, family members - to smile at me unconditionally. There is a way to do it, actually - all you need is the intention, the atmosphere of suspense, light look into their eyes showing encouragement...and there it is - pure, uncontrolled smile. They pass you by and do not even realize why it happened.
I still consider a day successful if I get at least one of those smiles!

Tonight the run was a torture - second time is always worst than the first one. Tomorrow will be easier, I guess. But, my efforts were rewarded - a complete stranger smiled at me - pleasantly, not in a mocking way. It gave me a good kick of energy and calmed my poor heart down. I survived!

The day was successful.


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