Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Adidas Women Challenge in Amnesty News


Fatima Hussein al-Badi Yemen: Fatima Hussein al-Badi After an unfair trial which was exacerbated by interference from Parliament and the President of Yemen, Fatima Hussein al-Badi is at risk of execution. Take action

South African rural woman South Africa: Rural women living with HIV face discrimination. Treatment for HIV and AIDS requires regular visits to hospitals and clinics. Rural women living in poverty and unemployment often cannot afford the transportation. Take action

South African rural woman South Africa: Inadequate care and support for rural victims of sexual assault.The South African government is obliged by law to provide a means of preventing HIV infection after sexual assault. However, poverty and distance create barriers to the access of treatment. Take action


Team Amnesty runs Adidas women's challenge Adidas Women's Challenge: 7 September 2008. The Adidas Women's Challenge is one of the UK's biggest women-only races. It takes place in London, Birmingham and Liverpool, and over 30,000 women enter. Join them as part of Team Amnnesty

You can always find out more on these and other issues on the Women's Action Network pages of our website.

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