Sunday, 27 January 2008

Long week

This has been a long and heavy week, and I will have all but complains, so if you're in a cloudy mood, stop reading here.
First of all, my son was ill - and I hate the feeling of the parental helplessness when our little ones are suffering, and they do not even understand why!!! He was literary sleeping, waking up and complaining in a low, very sad moan, that life is shit...well, it was!
Secondly - I got ill too - and I usually do not feel so sorry for myself, since illness is a sign to stop pushing it - the body is telling no, no, no  - but it is difficult to be ill and to take care for the other  ill creature at the same time when you cannot even digest properly...
Work, work, work - it's great to have a challenging, responsible work, but when it comes to the simple problems of having to stay in the bathroom for few sec's every hour with your son knocking on the door, even the remoteness of my work seems an abstract act.
At the top of it all my usual spring insomnia started, so I could not even get a proper rest at night - I could start working though!

As a result, I rested at home, with my son, did my work and stayed cool. That is a very, very positive interpretation of my week:P

Let's hope for a better Monday...

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