Thursday, 17 January 2008

Days, weeks, months... how I stretch my development. I learn day by day and I become more and more confident in my role and in my motherhood. I see that others at my age are just finishing their schools, starting their path and I feel more accustomed to the new beginnings. I closed the hellish circle, so I can move on now. And this comes surprisingly easily!
I had a funny conversation last weekend and I understood my higher needs - for art, music, culture, happenings, the beat of a city heart. It seems like a good prospect for all of us, people hungry for visual and spiritual feeds. Well, it is all around us, so let;s just be brave to embrace it!

I am sick of moaning and those who feel sorry for themselves just to show how important they are, not!

I have seen a photo of a lovely, 5 year old girl, who manages very well on her own without even knowing the nastiness of someone who should be very close to her, but decided to abandon  every thought of her.  How many of us felt the same way? How can I avoid it?

I still believe I can and there is not tragedy unless we generate one. That is why I hate losers ;)

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